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The Investigators’ Notebook is a regularly updated blog by the Better Government Association’s investigative unit, which uses journalism to expose corruption, waste and inefficiency in public agencies throughout Illinois.

Because we believe in public engagement – and rely on ordinary citizens to help us keep tabs on public officials and agencies – we welcome your feedback and tips at 312-821-9030 or Robert Herguth, Editor of Investigations.

The BGA, a non-profit, non-partisan watchdog, has a strict privacy policy and is committed to maintaining your trust and, if requested, protecting your identity.


3 responses to “About + Contact Us

  1. Gary Shlifka

    You guys are just to damn good, seriously. I need to get involved!

  2. fggybttm

    I enjoyed the not-so-recent ‘The BGA Integrity Index’ which rated the states based on given factors. I don’t know if every state provides for some kind of professional regulation. Our does, but declines to include lawyers, though physicians to tatoo artists are required to register. Law enforcement and justice suffer. I feel BGA provides a needed public service, or at least some good examples there of. Published facts do help.

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