The Shame of Profiling, and Politics

Couple things caught our eye today that we wanted to pass along.

EvergreenParkPoliceFirst was an intriguing story by FOX 32’s Dane Placko about alleged racial profiling in Evergreen Park, where a black man was pulled over and allegedly told he could get off the hook if he was able to track down a handgun for the cops. (Eerily similar to another instance that involved a State Police trooper and was documented some months back by FOX.)

Here’s the most recent story:

Here’s the earlier State Police story:

Meanwhile, on an unrelated note, we also recommend reading the first few “letters to the editor” in the Chicago Sun-Times today. They are spot on about Ed Burke, Mike Madigan and the rest of the political power elite running this city and state (and running them into the ground.)

To reach the Better Government Association, email or call (312) 821-9030.


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