The Chicago Park District Desperately Needs Some Internal Landscaping

The Chicago Park District isn’t all fun and games—unless you’re a bureaucrat there, and then it’s an endless game of duck-and-dodge. Which is why the agency is in desperate need of some internal landscaping, and an independent inspector general.
In just the past couple of months, the Better Government Association has conducted three investigations that found, among other things, that:

That last investigation was highlighted this past Friday on FOX Chicago News, and raises questions about whether this was a clerical error—or a scam by government workers.

Tough to know because the agency hasn’t provided all the paperwork needed to make a judgment. But this much is clear: the oversight at the Chicago Park District is crummy.

A public body that big and politically piggish needs somebody (other than us) keeping an eye on things. It needs an inspector general.

If you agree, here are the commissioners who are supposed to oversee the park district. Give ‘em a jingle and let them know your thoughts:

  • President: Bryan Traubert
  • Vice President: Bob Pickens
  • Commissioner Dr. Scott Hanlon,
  • D.O.Commissioner Martin Laird Koldyke
  • Commissioner Juan R. Rangel
  • Commissioner Rouhy J. Shalabi

Here’s the main number: 312.747-2001.
The address is 541 N. Fairbanks, Chicago, IL 60611



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5 responses to “The Chicago Park District Desperately Needs Some Internal Landscaping

  1. The Chicago Park District is fine (sarcasm)…

    After all, “reformer” Forrest Claypool cleaned it up a long time ago…

  2. gab

    Dear Better Gov,

    I’m sure you could come up with a lot more than this! Do some digging.
    Also, why is the Taste being turned over to CPD ?

  3. cece

    are any of the Parks Commissioners women?

    unless Comm. Shalabi is a woman, changes need to be made,
    including with the mayor’s appointments. have never seen
    such an imbalance on a Chicago board, not in years.

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