RTA Official on Business Troubles: ‘I, too, am not perfect.’

Rev. Tyrone Crider (Photo/Facebook)

He’s a man of the Good Book who may not be particularly good with the books.

Some weeks back, the Better Government Association wrote about the Rev. Tyrone Crider, who sits on the board of the Regional Transportation Authority, a public agency that regulates Metra, Pace and the CTA. On the side, Crider is the publisher of a monthly religion-oriented newspaper called The Gospel Tribune, which, the BGA discovered, has accepted tens of thousands of dollars in advertisements from the very transit agencies Crider helps oversee.

Seems like a pretty clear conflict of interest.

Now we’ve learned Crider’s newspaper corporation wasn’t even in good standing with the state at the time he was accepting some of those fees.

Even as the newspaper kept publishing, the corporate entity was involuntarily dissolved earlier this year, apparently because Crider failed to “file an annual report and pay an annual franchise tax” with the Illinois secretary of state’s office, documents indicate.

Crider recently tapped an attorney to help him sort through the paperwork and requirements.

Someone who knows Crider portrayed him as well meaning, but not really “a business expert.”

Which raises this question: If Crider can’t handle his own business affairs, is he qualified to sit on a board that is responsible for hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars?

Crider emailed us a statement indicating he’s in the hospital for heart surgery, so he’s focusing on his health right now. But, he wrote: “We have just completed an election where candidates exposed each [others’] flaws, mistakes and errors. I, too, am not perfect. If and when it is determined that I made any mistakes or errors in completing my economic disclosure forms, filings for corporate governance [or] any other business or personal matter, I will immediately begin the process to correct such matters.”

This blog entry was reported and written by Robert Herguth. Contact us with tips, suggestions and complaints at (312) 821-9030, or at rherguth@bettergov.org.


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